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exclusive FACEBOOK group

The aim of the group is to "be specialized" in the use of the PDT technique thanks to a deep process of interaction between the group administrators and its participants, in order to identify and share the greatest number of operative opportunities present on the various financial instruments analyzed daily.
Analysis and operations will be concentrated on a limited number of financial instruments, which are easier to interpret as structure and behavioral characteristics. Preventive analysis and subsequent operations will be mainly focused on these assets: EURUSD, USDJPY, DAX, Gold and Oil (There is nothing to prevent other instruments from being considered in very specific cases).


TRADING PLAN follows you and guides you in your daily trading activity

  • We look for the optimal entry time
  • We apply basic and advanced protection strategies
  • We try to maximize profits by riding long trends
  • Thanks to the contribution of such a specialized community, we still got it
  • Shared vision, we will look at the market all with the same eyes
  • The market is analyzed from moment to moment
  • You follow the movements and choose the right timing to operate

All accompanied by the following tools:

  • "Closed" Facebook group TRADING PLAN
  • Reserved channel on TELEGRAM
  • Weekly webinars for market and operational analysis
  • Daily on-demand webinars to interact with all members and/or in particular phases of the market
  • Live webinar and analysis on the STOCK market, reports and in-depth analyzes, also on request, in order to accompany you in the correct management of your securities portfolio
  • Real time video updates (live on Facebook channel)
  • Educational webinars
  • Live events

Thanks to TRADING PLAN you will not be forced to stand alone for hours in front of the monitor + quality of life!
Pro Markets SAGL, asset management and trading coaching.


QUARTERLY - CHF 99,00/month (CHF 297)
SIX-MONTHLY - CHF 80,00/month (CHF 480)
ANNUAL - CHF 75,00/month (CHF 900)

And if at a certain point you no longer want to share your journey with the Group?
The money of the months unused will be returned to you.


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